Baked with love.

Our baking journey began decades ago and is based on our family recipes. We combined the southern baking traditions with Florida soul. For generations we continue to uphold the legacy that “good taste” still runs in our family. Evolving from a home-based business we were compelled to address our customer demand. From Pecan Pie to Red Velvet cupcakes, our treats are meant to bring you back to a time when a bite of something good could make this bitter world a little sweeter.

At Sweet Jalane’s we love baking and creating products that people can rely on to make a bitter moment turn sweet. We maintain the best of traditional techniques whilst embracing what modern technology, customer demand and thinking has to offer. As a company we are focused, well trained, and passionate about our products.Our baking facility is equipped with the latest technologies boasting the highest quality and hygiene standards. Using this ultra-modern facility and traditional recipes, our team of bakers continue to produce an exceptional range of wholesome cakes, pies, cobblers, puddings, pastries and confectioneries.

Here at Sweet Jalane’s we are proud to be one of the industry’s premier southern confectionery bakeries, brimming with high level food service clients, corporate confectionery branding partnerships, and a full range of other contracts with many well-known individuals, companies, and brands.Each piece of our edible art is beautifully crafted in our trade mark style, our one of a kind southern touch and are individually tailored to our client’s needs. Lovers of culinary art describe our baked goods as breathtaking and deliciously unforgettable.

The best way to get to know us is by tasting our products !

The choices offered at Sweet Jalane’s is inspiring, jaw dropping, and taste bud pleasing. From fresh bread puddings to distinctively delicious buttery cookies and divine pies, rich velvety cakes, smooth & creamy puddings. The product list we can create is endless..

Let us make your life Sweeter, one bite at a time !